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Elektra - Q. Which current cartridge is the equivalent to the Elektra?


Please kindly note that the Elan & Elektra were discontinued in August 2017, and superseded by the E-Series. The equivalent cartridge to the Elektra in the new range is the E3, with its 0.7 x 0.3 mil elliptical stylus. It is actually an upgrade on the Elektra, as it has a more refined presentation which is nearer to the 1000 series in sound quality. The E3 has received many accolades from the UK and World Hi-FI press, which you can see here.

Because of the technology involved with the new Magnetic Duplex, the output of this cartridge is a little lower than you will be used to with the Elektra (which had a very high output for a moving magnet). Generally speaking, the higher the output of a cartridge the lower sound quality seems to be, so this is a good indicator of the improvements we have made with the E-series. Incidentally, the name "E-Series" was chosen because the Elan and Elektra both began with an E.