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Elite - Q. Can I use a Goldring Ethos with my EAR 834P phonostage and Onkyo MT-2 step-up transformer?


If the transformer has a 24 ohm input impedance and load impedance of 47k, it would have a gain of 44 which means that the output of the an Ethos would be stepped up to 22 mV. This might be too much for the EAR pre amp which has a sensitivity of just 2.2 mV for an output of 1V (a gain of 450 which is very high). Unfortunately, we cannot find any specification for the EAR which gives the maximum input, but we fear this would overload it.

Perhaps a better idea would be to opt for an Eroica H, as it would work straight into the EAR MM input perfectly, without the need for a step-up transformer. The Eroica is designed for arms between 8-25g , and it also has the easy-to-set-up Gyger 2 stylus profile which will give instant improvements in sibilance and end-of-side distortion as it is a superb tracker.