Goldring Support

Q. How do I clean a stylus?


We do not officially recommend any cleaning methods for cleaning your diamond stylus. The safest method would be to use a soft artist brush (size 000) to very gently remove any dust/grime from the diamond. Please note that extreme care should be taken as any damage caused by cleaning is not covered by the standard cartridge guarantee.

We would suggest using a fine dry brush with a forward motion from the base and in parallel with the cantilever; in the same direction as a record groove would go. If you clean from side to side, you risk bending the cantilever past its natural limits.

For persistent grime there is no alternative but to use a very small controlled amount of isopropyl alcohol (any brand) by wetting the end of the brush. If any stylus cleaning fluid is used it must not come in contact with the rubber damping as this can affect the performance of the cartridge. This is echoed in a lot of our cartridge manuals which state “Liquid stylus cleaners must be used sparingly, if at all". You would need to work as quickly as possible and dry the diamond using the un-wetted portion of the brush, being careful not to let the alcohol make contact with the top of the cantilever.