Golding Support

Q. Which Goldring cartridge is better for treble and high frequency clarity?


Our recommendations would be to use either the Eroica LX or Elite.

Goldring cartridges are designed to be flat, however all moving magnet (MM) cartridges, from any manufacturer, suffer from high frequency roll off due to the high input impedance and high inductance of the pick up coils. With the addition of cable capacitance, MM tend to sound softer than moving coils (MC) which do not suffer any of these drawbacks, and are flat right up to 20 kHz and beyond.

Ultimately, the better the stylus profile the higher frequencies it will trace without distortion; so where a bonded spherical profile might make the word “sisters” sound like “SHiSHterSH”, an elliptical will render it more accurately like “siSHters”. Once you get up in to the line contact types and beyond, any sibilance like this is pretty much eradicated, which is why we only fit these to our moving coil cartridges.