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G800 - Q. What would be a good replacement for my old Goldring 800 cartridge?


This is the classic late 1960’s Goldring 800 series cartridge based on the variable reluctance principle often referred to as moving iron. There is a permanent stationary magnet and a coil in the body of the cartridge. The stylus block features a diamond attached to a cantilever which in turn is connected to a small iron tube; all this is suspended in a rubber mounting. As the diamond traces the groove it causes the iron tube to perturb the magnetic field around the coil which in turn induces a current in the coil. This is better explained on our moving iron web page where we have the natural successor to the 800 series in the form of the 2000 series cartridges

The 800 series was defined by the refinement of the diamond tip which varied between a basic 0.6 mil spherical tip up to a 0.3 mil elliptical (mil = 1000th of an inch).

The 800E was the elliptical tip version and would have cost £300 in today’s money (see attached 1969 advert).

Unfortunately, although when new it would have represented the pinnacle of stereo reproduction (which was why it was OEM fitment on all Garrard record decks of the time), that rubber suspension will have dried out and be too stiff after all this time and the diamond will probably have been worn out already as they have a life of about 1500 hours. As far as we know, there are no third party replacement styli available and we no longer provide these - we wouldn't recommend using it as it will likely cause damage to your vinyl.

Our advice would be to replace it with a new Goldring E3 or 2100.