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Zerostat - Q. Why is my Milty Zerostat clicking and how do I know if it's working?


Whilst you should try to avoid the clicking noise when operating the device, you should not worry too much about this if you do encounter clicking. If the Zerostat 3 clicks, this shows that the charge which has built up was too great for the atmosphere on that particular day and the click signifies that the charge has found an alternative grounding point inside the handle; the maximum charge that air can handle before it will jump to another gap is 30kV. External factors which will affect this are the likes of the atmosphere, and whether the day is dry or wet - on a dry day, you will most likely find that the Zerostat 3 clicks a lot more than on a wet day.
With regards to the nozzle which is supplied, this is used to check functionality of the Zerostat 3, whereby an orange light should be seen to glow through the slot when ions are passing through it. Another way which you can tell whether the Zerostat has successfully worked would be after treating a record (whilst held by your hand in mid-air as opposed to on the platter), to hold it up to your face to see whether you can feel the small hairs on your face being attracted/affected by a positive charge.